exists to support innovation across the construction and property sectors.  Based in Ireland, but with global reach, our objective is to bring tech innovators together with property industry expertise to identify problems or antiquated systems across the sector and to create deliverable solutions in a collaborative way.

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In practice, the industry is still working from the same understanding of the customer that we had more than a decade ago. Meaningful innovation must be based on what this current generation of renters and buyers actually want.  And it is not just about current need, this new sector will need to pre-empt future needs.

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The PropTech sector in Ireland is at relatively early stages but already we see pioneers  taking on some of the key issues challenging the current housing market, from simplifying rental agreements and streamlining the process online to making property viewings more accessible to prospective buyers and investors.

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Investors brings together the best innovators in the sector with ready investors, many of whom have experience in the construction and property industries.  In addition to the finance necessary to scale and grow, these investors provide innovators with valuable mentoring, supported by the frameworks in place through PropertyDistrict.

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