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The construction industry, like many industries, has been heavily impacted by COVID-19 and is rapidly evolving to meet the challenges of the pandemic. From maintaining social distancing on sites to developing new working procedures, there are a number of actions that construction companies need to take to prepare for the new normal. Construction companies will need to ensure that they are in compliance with HSE-approved Construction Industry Federation (CIF) standard operating procedures, including social distancing on sites. Site managers must implement these critical measures to ensure that their teams and site operatives have the ability to work safely

The team at McKeon Group have pre-empted some of these challenges. In partnership with MJ Flood Technology, McKeon Group has developed a solution to support construction businesses with workers returning to site. The Good2Go solution is used to manage visitor CIF CV19 Induction compliance and has been built using Microsoft Power Platform technologies.


  •         Microsoft Forms is used to provide a custom form that can be completed by anyone planning to visit a construction site. This form acts as a Health & Safety questionnaire, which is submitted with relevant documentation for site managers to review. This form can be shared with anyone via email or a link published to a company website.
  •         Microsoft Power Automate Flow then populates a SharePoint List with the contents of the completed form. In the event that a form submitted does not meet the COVID-19 Self Declaration requirements, Power Automate Flow is used to send an email alert to selected parties (for example, the site manager).
  •         Microsoft PowerApps is used to provide the site manager with details of all forms completed. The information entered is updated as required and additional information can be added, including details of the sites/jobs the person is authorised to attend, details of SafePass registration, training certificates etc. In addition to registering the above details, the PowerApp can be used to scan workers CIF CV19 induction pass QR code to verify identity upon arrival.


The Good2Go solution allows businesses to get their workers back on site safely and efficiently, providing full logs of all site visitors without the need for any pens, paper, shared devices or hassle.


Tomás Mac Eoin, Managing Director, McKeon Group explains: 

“The app was developed to ensure frictionless adoption of the new safety protocols and McKeon Group has already rolled out the Good2Go solution at a number of essential services sites. It is important to us that the wider industry also has access to this solution; in the words of our Taoiseach, we are in this together.”   


The team is hoping to share the solution with others in the industry with a view to supporting peers getting back to business quickly and safely. MJ Flood Technology will provision this solution for other interested businesses within the construction industry.  While this solution was developed specifically with the construction industry in mind, Microsoft PowerApps can be applied in other ways to enable businesses to respond quickly to changing organisational needs due to COVID-19: 


About McKeon Group:

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McKeon Group Site manager Donal Molloy using the app with MD Tomás Mac Eoin