September meetup will feature presentations, demos and discussions.


(1) Designer in The Dock, Accenture’s Global R&D Hub in Dublin. 

Eoghan Kidney has 15 years experience in design, leading many different types of projects. He’s been co-founder of successful startup Rotor, VR collective Antics, member of the winning SpaceX Hyperloop competition team rLoop and award winning director of films and music videos.

Located in the heart of Dublin’s tech quarter, The Dock is a design-led, multidisciplinary research and incubation hub. In The Dock, Eoghan’s team has led out the immersive capabilities in the engineering and design departments.

Eoghan will talk about what he has been doing in The Dock and some of his personal VR experiments. The talk will touch upon how XR can improve aspects of both working and personal life through VR, AR, AI and robotics.

2) Dublin’s Open Virtual City Model for VR

Oliver Dawkins is the Data & Training Coordinator on the Building City Dashboards project, an SFI funded initiative based at Maynooth University. Oliver is also completing a PhD with the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at UCL, London. His research interests involve the use of gaming technology and Mixed Realities to visualise data from embedded urban sensing devices in the context of Digital Twin.

Earlier this year Oliver Dawkins worked with Dublin City Council, Smart Dublin and the Grangegorman Development Agency to support the city’s 3D Data Hack and the open data release of a 3D model of Dublin’s Docklands. The 3D model is now available to download from Dublin’s open data portal Dublinked. Oliver has also prepared Unity and Unreal starter guides for working with the model:

3D Data Hack Docklands Model Starter Guides:

In this presentation Oliver will discuss the project along with details of some of his own work. He will also provide a demonstration of the 3D model in Virtual Reality. Oliver hopes you’ll be encouraged to download the 3D model and use it to teach students, develop demos, conduct experiments and test new applications of your own.

(3) Virtualeyze – VR Training Simulation for Healthcare

Michael Corr is CEO at CorrMed Group (which includes Med Therapeutics) – a group that is interested in innovation in healthcare. He will speak about VR Training Simulation for Healthcare covering topics such as enhanced learning and development, flexible training, reduced cost, emotional experience, improved retention rate, data capture, assessment, evaluation and validation.

Michael has a great interest in healthcare technology and medical devices. He has been responsible for the development of market opportunities for specific products / services either business to business, business to consumer or business to manufacturer. Also the strategic development of route to market and new concepts / innovation of products, services or processes either from manufacture to product providers, business to business or direct to the end user. 

(4) Head of VR Projects at [Very Big Multinational]

Sorry for the tease but due to an annoucement timing we can’t say more about this presention until the night itself. But believe us when we say,…. it’s exciting news!


(1) Oculus Quest

The reviews are in they’re fairly unanimous in their praise of what we at 3Dcamp see as a truly breakthrough device. So we’re delighted to give people the opportunity to try it on the night to see for themselves. And we’re hoping to dedicate a fairly large area to the play space to give you a true sense of the freedom this wireless headset offers.

(2) Philip Hickey – VR apps

Phil Hickey is a 10 year self taught game developer. He fell in love with VR and has 3 apps on the playstore that he will be showcasing.

3) Dublin’s Open Virtual City Model for VR

Oliver Dawkins (see above) will provide a demonstration of the 3D model in Virtual Reality. Oliver hopes you’ll be encouraged to download the 3D model and use it to teach students, develop demos, conduct experiments and test new applications of your own.

4) Green Fingers: An environmental education VR game

VR designer and developer Cordula Hansen will demo a “training” level of a prototype game, in which players take on puzzles and engineering challenges to restore and regenerate a depleted ecosystem. The demo showcases a number of game mechanics and VR content creation techniques while exploring the potential of narrative games in education. Green Fingers is an educational VR teaser experience for HTC Vive.

(5) Creating detailed materials for realtime VR

Pete McNally is a Senior Artist/Designer with an Emmy award winning tech company and a lecturer in Game Art. He was formerly 3D Supervisor at a 2x Oscar nominated studio. Pete will be showing people how he created detailed material for realtime VR and talking about the process.

(6) AR, VR and MR in the manufacturing sector

Kaizen PLM will show how AR, VR and MR can be put to use in the manufacturing sector with Kaizen PLM and Theorem solutions.

Event to be held at the following time, date and location:

Thursday, 26 September 2019 from 18:30 to 21:00 (IST)

Workday, King’s Building
May Lane
D07 W310 Dublin

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