As Property District moves beyond thought leadership and into proptech captaincy, we are delighted to launch our 2020 C-Suite Sessions initiative. 

Join us on October 24th, 2019 at the RDS Members Club for a private masterclass with one of proptech’s most original thinkers, Antony Slumbers as we explore the changing trend of Space as a Service (SPaaS). Antony Slumbers is a renowned international speaker on a range of emerging technologies that are transforming the global real estate industry, including artificial intelligence (AI).  

With more than two decades experience in software development and as a technology strategist in commercial real estate, Antony is also a member of the Leadership Board of CRETech, mentor at MetaProp RE200 and ranked as having the no.1 non-US commercial real estate blog. He was also listed as No. 7 in Duke Long’s Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People in 2018. 

This is a rare opportunity to hear some of Antony’s unique insights and be able to ask questions in a small group of like-minded individuals. Antony’s clients are developers, landlords, investors and property managers so he is well-experienced in real estate and how the industry is progressing. 

Throughout the masterclass, Antony will advise attendees on how technology is redefining how we work, shop and live, and the opportunities and threats of a changing world. #SpaceAsAService was a term Antony coined back in 2014 noting the world moving from products to services, and from ownership to access, where we are becoming used to everything being available on-demand, and how the demand is for the real estate sector to follow suit. 

The purpose of the Property District C-Suite Sessions is to give industry decision-makers an elevated view of emerging technologies so as to instruct the innovators within their teams.  

Join us on the 24th October for this amazing opportunity to gain some major takeaways for your business and book your tickets here:

Location: RDS Members Club
Date: 24th October 2019
Time: 12pm – 2 pm