Calisto Data is a software as a service company. Its information management platform for collection, storage and distribution of data is a software solution for the construction industry and they are specialists in the management of construction processes on and off site. According to their website all building and engineering projects involve the management of truly vast amounts of data. At each stage of the life cycle from design and construction to handover, a large amount of data is prepared, disseminated and recorded for future use. During the actual construction process a number of key procedures ensure that work is pre-approved, inspected and checked for final handover. These tasks often result in hundreds of thousands and even millions of records being processed. Managing these processes online eliminates paperwork and reduces turnaround time from days to hours with full audit trail using tablets and PCs. 

Butterfly (a cloud based technology) creates sets of information which can be reviewed in real time and published in data rich charts which display the status of any element of the project in an easy to read format – “Information at a glance.”  This process has traditionally been paper based and even today the so called “as-built” records handed over to the building user are generally produced in paper format. Butterfly eliminates the paper mountain, according to Calisto Data. 

Calisto Data was first set up in 2014 and the company is currently working in the Far East, the Phillipines and the Middle East according to a recent article in the Business Post. The company is negotiating projects in Ireland and the UK at the moment. 

Calisto Data recently featured in the Business Post and you can read the article here. 

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