Irish company, Davra Networks, has secured a substancial contract to deliver upon Britain’s ‘smart cities’ agenda across six local authorities. 

Partnering with Welsh technology firm, Pinacl,  Davra Networks will install thousands of sensors in six cities, having developed technologies to measure air quality, manage waste and monitor water levels and flooding.  Initially, 1,000 sensors will be installed in Newport (Wales) this in a €100,000 project that will be replicated in other cities across the UK.

In an interview with The Sunday Business Post Davra chief, Paul Glynn, stated:

For us, the relationship with Pinacl could be worth millions because every time they add a new city, that adds lots of new sensors.

This is a great example of how Irish companies are driving the Internet of Things (IoT) and speeding up the level and pace of interconnectedness.