Carol Tallon speaking at the National Construction Summit

Presentation title: Embracing Disruption: Preparing for a Digital Construction Economy

Synopsis of  talk:

  • How PropTech (innovating the construction and property industries through new technologies) is influencing the decision-making process behind developing.
  • Over the past 50 years, labour productivity in industrial businesses has doubled (100% increase) whereas in the construction industry, it has remained stagnant, not growing far beyond 1960’s levels.
  • Using emerging technology to tackle existing challenges within the industry
  • A quick review of innovations in the area of project scheduling, labour skills, accountability, insurance, document management and compliance.
  • Finally, the value of getting ‘on message’.  With more developers depending upon external funding than ever before in the Irish marketplace, the lone ranger approach no longer works. It’s all about collaboration and positive stakeholder relationships now.  The building company that can best communicate its vision is more more likely to access funding, secure planning and bring in the necessary  community support.