The Talbot Collection Hotels are on a mission to reduce their water footprint and improve water sustainability after the successful launch of SMART FLOW nationwide. SMART FLOW’s collaboration with The Talbot collection Hotels will now provide real-time access to their water usage with instant alerts to any issues. The SMART FLOW Intelligent water management technology is not only beneficial in financial terms but also drives sustainability and protects their assets from leaks, excessive usage, human errors and appliance failure.

As organizations begin to feel the pain of skyrocketing water and energy costs, the water industry-disrupting technology SMART FLOW saved the Midleton Park Hotel 77% on their water usage which equates to €91,000 savings on their annual water bill along with 36.5 million litres of water. This resulted in a nationwide rollout.

SMART FLOW’s monitoring agents with the assistance of AI software constantly monitor the flow of water within buildings, and only alerts you to issues when needed, eliminating any false alarms. This provides 24/7 real-time access to verified information for the portfolio’s water consumption. The Talbot Collection Hotels like most of SMART FLOW’s clients had the same fundamental core issues – no visibility, no control and no easy way to validate/reduce their water consumption.

The Talbot Collection Hotels have multiple properties, each perfectly positioned in some of Ireland’s most iconic, desirable destinations, featuring luxurious bedrooms, excellent in-house restaurants, high-quality spas and first-class event facilities. It’s no wonder Ireland’s most exciting and talked-about water technology company were selected for a nationwide rollout. The Talbot Collection Hotels will now have 24/7 real-time access to verified information for their portfolio’s water consumption. The technology developed by SMART FLOW will thus enable the group to pursue its sustainability targets concerning water consumption.

SMART FLOW was designed to help businesses

The new alliance utilizes SMART FLOW’s expertise in smart water management and The Talbot collection Hotel’s expertise in hospitality services. It is hoped that the new alliance will therefore appeal to companies seeking a sustainable solution for efficient water management.

Statement By Smart Flow CEO

Dave Hogan, the CEO of SMART FLOW, noted, “It was a pleasure working with The Talbot collection Hotels and their group sustainability manager. Our primary goal was to demonstrate how we can easily assist the group in reducing their water usage while protecting their assets against plumbing leaks. SMART FLOW’s client base is growing stronger with the addition of many brand names like The Talbot Collection hotels.”

Statement By Group Sustainability Manager, The Talbot Collection

Rafal Siuda, group sustainability manager, The Talbot Collection, added, “As group sustainability manager of The Talbot Collection, water conservation was one of my main concerns in our hotels. We highlighted our issues with water usage in one of our Cork-based properties, Midleton Park Hotel. SMART FLOW identified the issues and provided the insights to resolve them. Along with providing us with full visibility of our water usage. From the initial demo call, through installation to resolving problems, the SMART FLOW team was quick, efficient and professional. After achieving superb results, we are expanding SMART FLOW across all properties in The Talbot Collection.”

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