Fever Defence



A new infrared temperature testing device is helping construction companies reopen their sites and offices safely, following the COVID-19 lockdown in Ireland. 


Created by Carlow-based company Xenon, Fever Defence is a standalone device that uses a thermal imaging camera and facial detection camera to test peoples temperature, upon entry to a building or site. 


The non-contact device measures skin temperature in less than one second with accuracy up to ±0.3°C. It then alerts the individual of the result using a red and green light stop-go system and an audible notification if a potential fever temperature is detected.


With the construction industry gradually re-opening, leading companies in the sector such as  Ballymore Group and Murphy Group have installed Fever Defence devices as a safety measure at their sites and offices.


Commenting on the device, Paddy Byrne, Managing Director of Xenon Fever Defence said: Businesses are eager to reopen, and get their staff back to work, and we want to help them do this as quickly and safely as possible. By detecting a potential fever temperature, the Fever Defence device is a simple solution for businesses to help reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace. 


For the construction industry specifically, the device is particularly beneficial as it doesnt rely on internet connection to function, and is very easy to relocate to different parts of a site. With each screening taking just one second, it also avoids congestion of workers at site entrances.

We understand employers’ concerns for protecting their workers and customers. Fever Defence acts as the first layer of defence for workplaces – it mitigates risk and helps protect the health and safety of workforces and customers, while also reassuring them that their wellbeing is being prioritised.”


Ballymore Group recently had the devices installed at all of their sites and offices in Ireland. Martin Leonard, Safety Director at Ballymore Group, said:


Fever Defence has helped us keep our contracting partners and staff safe in this current climate. The installation is simple and the nature of the monitors allows for relocation and setting up in different locations with ease, and the confidence that it will continue to function as designed. 

The monitors are the first line of defence in keeping COVID-19 from getting onto our sites and dont cause any undue delays in ensuring staff can access the projects and offices.”


Fever Defence has also recently become a partner of the Construction Industry Federation, allowing it to reach businesses in the sector as they navigate the reopening of their offices and sites during the pandemic. 


Fever Defence