The Mortgage Innovation Challenge


A nationwide competition has been announced to revolutionise the provision of mortgages in Ireland, accompanied by €1 million in grants. The initiative aims to encourage innovators to surface new approaches and drive transformative change in the mortgage industry. 

The landscape of mortgage provision has seen little change over several decades. However, the merging of various factors in today’s environment has created a fertile ground for technology and business model innovation to make a significant impact.

Having recognised the untapped potential for innovation in the home buying journey, Delta Partners and RDI Hub have joined forces to address this overlooked area of fintech. By inviting innovators and founding teams with a proven track record and a passion for the problem, the competition seeks to attract startups in the early stages of development who demonstrate global ambition and potential. To be eligible for the grant, companies must be incorporated.

Applications are encouraged to address all aspects of the home-buying and mortgage journey, spanning from simplifying processes, brokerage, approvals, and credit scoring to conveyancing, repayments, switching, and beyond. The organisers firmly believe that applying new technologies will lead to game-changing winners in this underexplored space. Potential areas of innovation include leveraging mobile platforms, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, open banking and finance, as well as API interfaces.

Successful applicants will be granted up to €200,000 in equity-free funding to advance their business. Moreover, through the leadership of Delta Partners and RDI Hub, participating companies will gain access to valuable networks of investors and mentors who can guide growth and scalability.

One significant advantage for participants is the opportunity to work within the renowned RDI Hub in Killorglin, County Kerry. This award-winning hub encourages entrepreneurship and houses Fexco, a leading Irish fintech company. Being co-located, this offers additional advantages and opportunities for collaboration and networking.

The competition extends an invitation to innovators who bring fresh perspectives to develop solutions for Ireland while also creating opportunities for international markets to adopt. By stimulating innovation in the provision of mortgages, this initiative has the potential to transform the home-buying experience and redefine the future of the mortgage industry in Ireland and beyond.

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